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District Football Tournament

District Football Tournament 2020

In the memory of comrade Umraomal Purohit Second Football Tournament

Martha Farrell Award
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Martha Farrell Award for Excellence In Women’s Empowerment 2019 Best Organization for Gender Equality (MJAS)

Mahila Jan Adhikar Samiti (MJAS) a women-led organization, started as a collective of rural women in Central Rajasthan, which eventually transitioned into a registered organization in 2000 to fight against Violence against Women and rights of women and girls.

State Achievers Trophy 2019

Sports for Change – HCL National tournaments in Lucknow Mamta Gurjar, of the MJAS girls football team received the State Achievers Trophy


Sports For Change 2019 National Finals (HCL) (Nov 29-30)

Our football team participated well learn a lot from other teams as well. All are very good and very energetic. Program was huge and fantastic…..Kudos to footballers of “Football for Freedom, Unity and Solidarity Program”.

Winner of Regional qualifiers round for the Northern Region - 2019 HCL Foundation Sports for change (Football for Girls Winner)

HCL had organized regional qualifiers rounds for Northern India, MJAS team emerged winner for the northern region. Team got a chance to play in the National Tournaments.

WISCOMP Saahas Awards 2017

WISCOMP Saahas Awards honored the courage of extraordinary men, women and transgender persons who actively stood up against gender- based violence in their own lives & those of others with WISCOMP Saahas Awards; and they continue to advocate for gender equality and social justice. Received by Annu Kumari, a young activist of MJAS & Aarti Meghwal a leader of adolescent girls group of Lohagal village Annu Kumari (Ajmer, Rajasthan) refused to succumb to community pressure and legitimize her child marriage and carries on the struggle for Dalit girls’ right to education.
Aarti Meghwal (Ajmer, Rajasthan), a 16-year-old who stood up against her child marriage two years back and works as child rights activist in her village.

Women Achievers Award 2014

The National Commission for Women is celebrating the International Women’s Day and honoring exemplary women who are from the grassroots and although not in lime light, have fought against all odds with exemplary courage and determination. The award was received by Bhanwari Devi from MJAS for her outstanding contribution towards the
Society especially in the field of Women Empowerment.

Mahila Shakti Puraskar 2014-15

Department of Women and Child Development Jaipur awarded, Bhawari Devi for her exemplary work in Ajmer district on women’s empowerment

Resourceful Women Awards 1994 Bhanwari Devi Bhatt

भंवरी बाई के जीवन के संघर्ष तथा पीडित महिलाओं की सहायता एवं जागरूकता के कार्य में जुडने के फलस्वरूप उन्हें 1994 में शिकागों स्थित शेलर अडाम्स फाउण्डेशन द्वारा रिसोर्सफुल वूमन अवार्ड 1994 द्वारा अन्तर्राष्ट्रीय स्तर सम्मानित किया गया। इस अवार्ड की सम्मान राषि 5,500 डॉलर ( लगभग 2.5 लाख) उन्होंने दलित, पीड़ित और गरीब महिलाओं के हितार्थ लगाने के लिए महिला समूह, अजमेर को देने का प्रस्ताव किया और दे दी गई।

Stree Shakti (Doordarshan Program)

Bhanwari Devi is the symbol of a woman who fought for her rights and awakened public awareness. She has been an untiring worker for more than 30 years. Hers is an inspiring story.

TEDxTalk Annu Kumari

Anu is a Child Marriage Warrior.
Listen to how Anu, married at 3, fought caste panchayat (village elders) for years to survive her illegal child marriage, and vowed to save every other child from this scourge. She has now trained thousands of children in saying “no” to accepting childhood marriage as their fate. When her family married her 3 elder sisters (all still children), she had to be married to break the inauspicious number 3, making her the unlucky number 4 in the process. Annu Kumari lives in a very small village in rural Rajasthan. She is a Child Rights activist, fighting against the injustice of child marriage in rural India. She has worked with hundreds of children educating them on their rights to say “No” to child marriage and honouring this illegal pact made between their parents. Through their organisation Mahila Jan Adhikar Samiti and the HAQ Center for Child Rights, they have saved thousands of children from this injustice. This vibrant young woman aims to remove this social ill completely from India and from the world and looks for collaborations worldwide to fulfil on her dreams.”