Our Resources

The women’s Resource Centre “sankalan” is envisaged as a platform for awareness generation on social issues relevant for women to generate and enhance their knowledge on social issues, their rights, privileges, opportunities and possible threats.

The centre, housed in the MJAS Ajmer office, and in Kekdi office has the following:

It has a library equipped with books, training material, Curriculum & modules; collection of films on several issues, games and reference material

The centre organises a series of trainings and workshops (Reflection workshops; Self-Development, Self-Evaluations, Gender workshops, Self-Caring, Self-Defense (Wenlido) workshops; Capacity Building on PRIs,) for various groups like Our own team members, NGO workers, women, community members, youth groups and partners; PRI members; Frontline workers of Government departments.

The centre has a team of professionals who specialise in research and documentation on gender, women’s issues and documenting women’s knowledge and experiences.

The resource centre also documents a series of publications as well as adopts various forms of information dissemination in the form of pamphlets, handouts, posters, booklets, calendars, articles in local newspapers.

Currently, a group of young leaders create a digital documentation on various issues.


2019 – Report of the Child Marriage Prevention Program “An Impact assessment and review of the programs of MJAS” by external expert Ms. Renu Khanna

  • – TISS Report

2018: “Ignorance is not Bliss!!” Status of Faecal Sludge and Septage Management in Urban Rajasthan for National Institute of Urban Affairs – NIUA (2018)

2017: Socio – Cultural Determinants of Child Marriage in Ajmer District: A KAP (Knowledge, Attitude & Practice) study supported by CRY

2011 – 2012: “State of Panchayati Raj: Rajasthan state report” Rajasthan state – Status Report of 2010 -2011, (as part of the National report ) – a study for Ministry of Panchayati Raj, India

2010: A study on “Impact of reservation on women, SC, ST and OBCs in electoral process with a focus on caste mobilization in Panchayats

2009: A research in collaboration with Centre for Health and Social Justice on “National health program’s and social exclusion”.

2004 – 2005: An Exploratory study on ‘Violence Against Women in the Context of the Practice of Nata in Rajasthan’ published by Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai

2001 – 2004: ‘Removing Fences :  Building Alliances’ A three-year action research in Rajasthan; part of a national research conducted in three-state project on women in panchayats, research project of Centre for Women’s Development Studies (CWDS), Delhi, supported by MORD

2002 – 2003:  ‘Role of Gender and Caste in Natural Resource Governance’ A Study in the Project Area of  FES in Eastern Rajasthan , Published by Foundation for Ecological Security FES, Anand, Gujarat

2000 :  ‘Drought and drought relief: 2000’ An Analytical study on the drought and mitigation policies of the Government.

1999 – 2000: 2-year research on “Impact of Bisalpur Dam on common lands in the villages of rehabilitation” supported by Foundation for Ecological Security, Anand, Gujarat

Training Modules & Courses
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  • Training Manual for Udaan Project of UNICEF, Gujarat : Training of young boys and girls leaders 800 and ToT of two CSO staff 40 on empowering adolescents and young for transforming society in two districts of Gujarat. ( 2018 – 2019 )


  • SYSTEM, SOCIETY and SELF – A seven days training module Understanding contexts around child rights (Violation of Child Right in focus of child marriage) A seven day Training Progarm to address Child Protection and Early, child and forced Marriage, Gender and citizenship training


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  • Theatre -In- Education for Change : 3 Days Module for  Children & Adolescents


  • WENLIDO (feminist personal safety) COURSE AND  TRAINING Module for girls and women 0age group of 11 to 19 and 19+
  1. Women’s path of strength
  2. Feminist way of personal safety


  • Computer courses

Feminist / Gender Approach To Technology – Learning Digital Technology with Self- Development & Social Awareness.  A Leadership Development Program

  • Digital – smart phones learning and cyber-security module – 2 days for “Each One Teach Five”  program
  • Course on Grassroots Journalism for Girls


  • ‘Panchayat Lugayan ree’ a book in Hindi on the experiences of women in panchayats, Books for Change 2001
  • ‘Dalit Mahilaon Ki Kahani Unki Zubaani’: A collection of stories of SC-ST dalit Elected Women Representatives in Rajasthan 1995 – 1999 published in 2000


  • Dafan Betiyan: Jimmedar Kaun – Book 2001


  • A factsheet on gender gap in development: “Aankdon ke aaine me mahilaaon kee chhavi evam sthiti” – 2012


  • “Schooli Baston Me Gender-stereotype” A report on Gender analysis of school textbooks.
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  • Dakan ! Violence Against : Women in Rajasthan –The tormenting saga of Witch  Hunting Continues……


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Booklets & Brochures
  • Towards Ending Child Marriage : Continuous Experimentation with Models Affecting Reduction in Child Marriage – Brochure and Poster (2018) MJAS with HAQ:Centre for Child Rights
  • Football for Freedom, Unity & Solidarity: continuous transformation of girl’s lives – Report & a Brochure (2018)
  • A photo story on “Child Marriage No Never: Without my consent Never Ever
Posters Banners
  • Kachchi Mitti : Iraade Pakke – Photo story Poster Exhibition (2018) on girls aspirations and child marriage in collaboration with HAQ: Centre for Child Rights
  • 2018 – “bolen Betiyan” set of five posters
  • 2017 – Child Marriage – set of three posters
  • 2017 – Health and Nutrition -Set of four posters
  • 2017 – Girls Education and Aspirations – Set of two posters
  • Aamli – Baal Patrika (Annual- Hindi)
  • Khabraan ree potli – A news paper (monthly)
  • Roshnai – An educational newsletter on Gender & Child Rights
  • – 2019  “Its GOAL” a film by Rukmini Sen, Cyclewali productions  (2019) फुटबॉल स्पोर्ट्स के जरिये अपने जीवन के गोल सेट करने में तत्पर किशोरी युवा बालवधुएँ जब कई सामाजिक आर्थिक बन्धनों को चुनौती देते हुए एकजुट और गोलबंद (मोबिलाइज) हो जाती हैं तो उन बाधाओं के लिए चुनौती बन जाती हैं जो उन्हें पीछे खींच रही होती हैं.

    2018 “Our courage – our strength” A documentary by a young filmmaker Rohit Vishwakarma on Women’s struggle for rights – A Movement led by women in central Rajasthan. Work of Mahila Jan Adhikar Samiti in last 15 years.    

    2017 – 2018 “Living with Liberty” film by Shibani Chaudhuri supported by HAQ centre for child rights, Delhi युवा लड़कियां एकजुट होती हैं, एक दुसरे को सहारा देती हैं अपने भविष्य…. अपने सपनों को पूरा करने के लिए, और चुनौती देती हैं उन मान्यताओं को जो उन्हें बराबरी और अवसरों से वंचित करती है. यह फिल्म इसी विषय पर केन्द्रित है.    

    – 2016 – “Baadal par Paanv Hai” A film on किशोरी युवा लड़कियों की स्पोर्ट्स के जरिये ट्रांस्फोर्मेशन की कहानी “खेलेंगे तो खिलेंगे, पढेंगे तो बढ़ेंगे”  

    2014 “Baayaan Ree Hoonk” film by Ashok Meena FTTI, Pune किशोर लड़कियों और लड़कों के सपनों और जिंदगी की सच्चाइयों के बीच की कशमकश और जीवटता की कहानी.