Ensuring Child Rights towards wellbeing of Children

Working with groups of specific ages facilitates the understanding of age-relevant issues and allows group members to raise their own issues, express their concerns, understand their rights and learn about available opportunities.  MJAS works with the following three age groups: 6-9, 10-13, and 14-18. These groups include children who attend school regularly, irregularly, as well as school dropouts.

Working with children and adolescents builds their confidence to speak up in their homes and community to express their concerns and desires.

Current projects

  •  Child Right to Education & Protection Project: 
  • Prevention of Child marriages to strengthening systems and mobilizing communities using Triple-S model
  •  Addressing child sexual abuse and ensuring right to protection
  •  Training of Adolescent-Young Girls and Boys and different Stakeholders for Child Marriage Prevention Project (UDAAN) by UNICEF, Gujarat

In Partnership with – CRY Child Rights & You and UNICEF, Gujarat