Strengthening public health system, Ensuring Adolescent, women & child health care services and educate communities

MJAS has identified that issues of health and nutrition are intrinsically linked with inequality and discrimination. Women and children are often denied equal access to limited village health and nutrition resources. Improving access to these resources is a means of empowerment and protection of marginalised women and children and is fundamental to reduce deep rooted injustices and abuse persisting in society.


  • Tracking malnutrition amongst children <700, young mothers and adolescents, <1700 adolescents benefitted with the program   
  • Ensuring Immunization, institutional deliveries
  • Child & mother care education
  • Educate young married women, their sexual & reproductive rights and available services
  • Kitchen garden individual <40 & collective – 5 
  • Direct intervention in 50 villages, two development blocks  with <5000 families.
  • Member of research team for Centre for Health and Social Justice on National health program’s and social exclusion. 2009

In the area of nutrition, MJAS:

  • Works with the communities, families, Anganwadi workers, health workers and gram panchayats to ensure a healthy childhood for every child. Under-nourished pre-school children are identified in the local Anganwadi centres and their nutritional levels are monitored regularly.
  • Monitors the health of malnourished children and works to improve their nutritional health to an acceptable level. In some more critical cases, malnourished children are referred to rehabilitation centres.
  • Encourages Anganwadi workers to monitor and maintain Weight and Growth Charts for children and to provide supplementary nutrition to weaker children and make referrals for malnourished children.
  • Discusses problems in the functioning of Anganwadi centres with the officials of the Directorate of Woman and Child Development. Complaints are registered and the gram panchayat is asked to address the complaints and improve the existing processes.
MJAS works to ensure that services provided under the Integrated Child Protection Scheme (ICDS) are effectively implemented in order to improve community health.