Using Media to Communicate their Stories

MJAS’ close relationship with the local media has enabled it to experiment with the use of innovative media and communication strategies. Workshops on writing and documentation and experiments with local newspapers like ‘Khabar Lahariya’ and ‘Ujala Chhadi’ led MJAS workers to publish their own ‘Khabran Ri Potli’ to report and deliberate on policy and welfare initiatives of local government and political leaders. The MJAS team also publishes a children’s journal ‘Aamli’ and a quarterly newspaper ‘Samachar Ro Helo’ which provide updates on issues of local and national importance. These publications have helped to raise awareness of local and national issues among the local population.

MJAS also organized a photo-journalism workshop and trained 35 youth in the role of photography for social change. A total of 550 photographs were taken during field trips from which 50 photographs were selected to develop issue-based photo stories. Similar workshops have been held with village youth and young women to introduce alternative livelihood opportunities.